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Youth Maintenance Personnel

Our pool is hiring youths ages 15-19 for maintenance work at the pool from Spring through the Fall.  Hours are flexible.  Little to no contact with the public will happen while working.  Employees will be provided & required to wear PPE.  This employee will be required to clean bathrooms, clean the pool deck, handle refuse, sweep up the grounds, record pool chemistry, be a morning set up person, or be an evening shut down person.  

Pay starts at $16.80/hr. High school students must obtain a work permit.  Even if you're not ready to work now, you can begin the hiring process and be ready to work by summer.

Duties include: Complete cleaning and maintenance of Hacienda bathrooms, grounds, picnic areas and such related cleaning of property. Excellent in following all the specific job specifications for the position. Other light projects as assigned.

Head Assistant, Maintenance

Duties include: Oversee projects involving maintenance personnel. Person is the main substitute for maintenance personnel in cases of absence, vacations, etc. Various special projects as assigned by Maintenance Board Manager.

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Pay starts at $16.80/hour. 

Duties of Lifeguards include ensuring guest safety, enforcing rules, providing guest service, responding to aquatic and on land emergencies, and providing medical care as trained. Lifeguards rotate to a variety of positions throughout their shifts including dispatching positions, seated positions, roving positions, and in water positions.

Swim Instructors and Provisional Swim Instructors are expected to provide quality swim lesson instruction to participants of all ages.

Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

The Lifeguard/Swim Instructor is responsible for guarding the entire pool area, responding to any level of incident around the entire facility, enforcing our rules fairly and politely, checking and maintaining pool chemicals, being responsive to member and guest requests, ensuring member safety, being patient and enthusiastic while teaching and holding productive lessons; maintaining communication and relationships with their clients or parents of their students, and other tasks assigned by the Head Guard and/or Board of Directors.

Other Functions:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required: 

Lifeguard Requirements:

Physical Requirements:

Work Environment: 

Outdoor weather conditions with little to no temperature control, is routinely exposed to the sun, may be exposed to extreme heat, cold, wind and rain; works on uneven and/or slippery surfaces and is periodically exposed to hazardous conditions/situations. Availability to work days, early mornings, late evenings and weekends; may be required to furnish identification badges, uniforms, and Red Cross training materials.