For Members

Pool Rules

General Facility Rules

and Guest Policy (2024 season)

(The sign-in sheet is located next to the lifeguard chair closest to the shallow end).  

For Paid-for Parties & Events

Invited guests attending a paid-for party or event hosted by a member do not count towards the member’s 10 guest passes. In these cases, the guests are considered paid for by the event reservation fee. However, should the number of guests exceed the reservation limit, the member shall pay $5 per guest over the limit.

NOTE: The party agreement states that the host member must remain on the premises during the duration of the party/event and that all guests must leave at the conclusion of the event as listed on the event reservation.

For Leased Memberships

Names of individuals who have leased a membership from a member must be listed on the membership roll held by the attendant(s) on duty. If their name is not listed, they will not be allowed to enter the facility. It is imperative that members who have leased their membership for the season complete the Membership Transfer Form and submit it to the Secretary.

Employment Opportunities

Pool Board

Update Your Member Contact Information

For members who want to update their contact information, fill out the form below. Keeping your contact information up to date is important in order to receive important information and updates throughout the year.